Vitality project
Опис проекту

Context of research

Throughout the Maidan revolution, the social upheaval, and war in Ukraine I’ve witnessed courageous interventions and acts by people who have faced great risks in the defense of human rights and social justice. To define the experiences as traumatic may be accurate. To define the effect as PTSD diminishes the significance of the actions themselves, and the agency of the individuals involved. This subject-centered research project seeks to understand the specific nature trauma in the context of major social upheaval and transformation and the role and effect of physical somatic methods in addressing trauma in this context.

Definition of terms

Physical somatic methods work with the physical manifestations of health and trauma by engaging directly with physical functions (breath, heart rate), movement (physical activity), and reflective awareness. Through the utilization of movement and awareness, somatic methods promote connection of oneself to the world around. By combining physical action with reflection, somatic methods extend beyond individual psychological thought processes to include social action.

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