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Fateful events in the life of Ukraine once and forever has changed the lives of our citizens, especially those who participated in the events during the Revolution of 2013, hostilities, anti-terrorist operations and operations of united forces as the combat units, as well as their families, volunteers. Some of our citizens who have made heroic efforts for the liberation struggle in Ukraine, having received a number of psychological and physical injuries, are forced to continue their struggle with their own body, overcoming new difficulties already in peaceful life. The war has forever changed the world of new heroes, demanding from them the maximum mobilization of internal and external resources, even greater social activity and building a new life script. Therefore, reintegration, rehabilitation and unification of all categories of the population are the matter of survival of the Ukrainian people.

Date of foundation - October 10, 2014.

The activities of organization:

- NGO "Development Foundation" works with persons participated in hostilities and HPE, as well as mental health professionals providing psychosocial assistance to categories of armed conflict victims.

" Development Foundation" is a public organization, which consists of volunteers-psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers and other professionals in the field of psychological health who provide support and psychological assistance, as well as develop and implement training and rehabilitation programs for event's participants (from the participants of the Maidan, to internally displaced persons and participants in hostilities). NGO "Development Foundation" operates in 21 cities of Ukraine, the purpose of the work is to spread the American experience working with psychological trauma to target groups: soldiers, prisoners of war, HBO, peaceful citizens and communities, volunteers.

Establishment of the organization: to indicate the governing and controlling bodies in the organization and their composition (in particular, the board): General Meeting of the Members of the Organization, the Board of the Organization, Chairman of the Board, Auditor.

In the organization, the activities of the accountant and activists are monitored by the auditor, who is involved in the stage of payment of expenses. The right of a financial signature belongs only to the head of the board of the organization, the position of the chairman is elective. The monitoring system of the activities of specialists was introduced in 2014 - in the form for submission of cases to supervisory meetings were developed. Supervisions- meetings are held every two weeks until 2018 with the participation of American specialists on a regular basis. From 2018 till today - such work is carried out by our specialists. In 2018, the "Development Foundation" activists joined the process of improving the monitoring and mapping system for assistance / humanitarian missions in the East, chaired by the International Medical Corps (MMK) and co-chaired by the World Health Organization (WHO). Nowadays, the attempts of monitoring tools are made to introduce in Ukraine, and we are also included in this process.

Donors of the NGO Development Foundation: IOM, US Embassy in Ukraine, The UK Online Giving Foundation, Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation, United Ukraine-American Aid Committee, District Council of Rivne and Employment Center of Rivne Region.

In a short time our team managed to organize and implement the following projects:

There are current projects in the NGO:



Separated subdivisions in the cities of Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Rivne, Lutsk, Mykolaiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia and others.

The pages of our organization (NGO "Development Foundation"):



youtube - Channel "Strong with the Spirit" with records of the conducted trainings;

Psychological First Aid School;

PFA mobile Ukraine.

Psychosocial support and community cohesion in Donbass

Mental Health without Prejudice Project:



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